Collective Dreaming at the Systems Change Hive

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@ the Department of Dreams
Solstice eve, 20/21st June 2020

Extract from Salvage
Second Phase

Relational Dreaming

“As Within, So Without, As above, So below” 

Hermes Trismegistus

We are forever walking the shoreline of the wild unconscious. The Great Sea holds treasures, offers us hard-won insight and exactly what is needed for the journey. This wild force is known through many names - some know it as the sea of awareness, the living imagination, others call it Great Spirit. Healthy cultures make relationship with this force of nature with great reverence. 

Supporting the space of dream is always holding space for the new; for that which is just being born. Dream tending listens to what lives within and between people in community and honours the living streams of spontaneous creativity inside each person.

Dream sharing can strengthen individuals and the group through tending a warm truth-telling accountable culture. At this crossroads in human history we are learning how vital it is to grow inclusive inspiring cultural containers, sturdy enough to support diverse people to work together for common societal changes.

Extract from Salvage
Microbial vision

Salvage (2019)

Dreaming for Systems Change

The need for systemic healing extends all the way down into the human psyche. As the ancients, the alchemists and the psychoanalysts tell us, our most personal realities and intimate relational experience are deeply connected to our wider societal problems.

Our dream tending at the Hive emerged from asking questions about care and relational health: How can we support imaginative sovereignty within a collective? How can we listen to the groups needs in creative ways? How can we tend understanding between people?

Kate created the installation “SALVAGE” for the System Change Hive touring exhibition to give a glimpse of the “live” group processes explored at the Hive.

Working with glyphing and dream tending techniques learnt with Dr Apela Colorado, the experimental drawing installation creates one large image from the dreams collected.

The oneiroglyph of the group dream is not owned by anyone. The image emerged out of our entanglements as we participated in a whole-hearted experiment towards “informed dreaming for a better future”. The dreams collected contain shadow and possibility; abuse and betrayals, as well as creative inspirations for Systems Change. Through turning up together to listen, share and face what lives inside us as it is, we become more capable of acting with the kind of compassion and sensitivity needed at this transformative time.

The Oneiric Archives, Cosmic Trigger
No. 11

The Oneiric Archives, Cosmic Trigger
No. 23

Kate Genevieve joined with Sarah Janes to further extended this dream tending out to meet the mass protests in England in 2019 by inviting ecological activists to share their dreams as they campaigned for Systems Change. During the London protests, activists slept out in tents close to each other, creating an ad hoc mass dream incubation for the transformation of the workings of the city.

London Protests 2019 

Origins of Collective Dream work was founded in 2010 during a collective dream project Dream Machine: an outdoor projection event for White Night Brighton and Hove projecting the dreams of the people of Brighton onto architecture in the city.

Creative reserach was further inspired by an invititation to collaborate from Gascia Ouzinian and the collective sleep project “Music for Sleeping and Waking Minds” and develop ideas around how to visualise the contents of sleep.

A few years later the connection was made and I met Dr Apela Colorado in Chartres France. Over seven years I learnt with her and worked with a team on Dr  Colorado’s place-based collective dreaming practice. This put me into an apprenticeship of  glyphing the dreams of hundreds of dreamers and discovering first hand that dream sharing when done in creative participation and relationship with the land had a healing power.

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