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Co-working space in Brighton: 
The Fusebox
New England House,
New England St,
BN1 4GH 
United Kingdom

My practice-based PHD is based at the University of Sussex on multi-sensory communication and relational experience: Researcher Page

I'm passionate about creative and ecology centred projects. I collaborate with networks focused on creative activism, protecting indigenous wisdom and space science:

Specialist Advisory Member (SAM) at Further Arts working on Cascade Network
Member at UK SETI Research Network
Advisor at TransArts Alliance
Artist and mentor at The Systems Change Hive engaging with Next Systems researchers at the STEPS Centre, UK


︎ @kategenevieve
︎ @kategenevieve

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Founder / Director chroma.space
Founder Cascade Network
Specialist Advisory Member at Further Arts
Advisor at TransArts Alliance
Glyphing & Innovation at WISN
News & Publications

Recent profile at Mousse Magazine
TEDx Brighton Talk
Chapter on Virtual Reality art practice Routeledge

For Press & News visit chroma.space/now
Kate Genevieve Vega, chroma.space Ltd.