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Co-working space in Brighton UK:
The Fusebox
New England House,
New England St,
United Kingdom

My practice-based PHD is based at the University of Sussex on multi-sensory communication and relational experience: Researcher Page

I'm passionate about creative and ecology centred projects. I collaborate with networks focused on creative activism, protecting indigenous wisdom and space science:

Specialist Advisory Member (SAM) at Further Arts working on Cascade Network
Active member at UK SETI Research Network
Advisor at TransArts Alliance
Glyphing & Innovation at WISN
Artist, facilitator & mentor at The Systems Change Hive in collaboration with Next Systems researchers at the STEPS Centre, UK & ONCA Gallery 
Warm Data Lab / PnP online host - the Bateson Institute

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Recent profile at Mousse Magazine
TEDx Brighton Talk
Chapter on Virtual Reality art practice Routeledge

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