Falling Through Myself is an immersive performance project exploring the connection between conscious presence and embodiment through visual technologies and staged illusions.

In 2012 Kate Genevieve and Choreographer Genevieve Maxwell began collaborating on "Falling Through Myself", an immersive, interactive movement based performance project that explores the multiple sensations of falling. Genevieve Maxwell is a Dance/Movement artist and Choreographer, with a practice rooted in Anthropology and Somatics. Genevieve and Kate both fell and broke parts of their backs some years ago, an experience which led both of them to an ‘out of body experience’ during the fall, encouraging a line of enquiry into where and how movement can be felt. The rituals experienced directly after their falls contrasted greatly, from Kate’s Ayahuasca ritual in the Amazon Rainforest, to Genevieve’s alienating NHS experience and subsequent disability, wielding different results. The work they are creating together explores visual technologies, staged illusions and the manipulation of relational space through choreographic means to simulate a falling experience in audience members within a performance.

In January 2012 Kate Genevieve and Choreographer Genevieve Maxwell completed an R&D workshop at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science with a series of meetings with Neuroscientists Dr Anil Seth and Dr Keisuke Suzuki structured around their research into the neurocognitive mechanisms of conscious presence.

The workshop was funded by a bursary from PAL’s Movement and Meaning Lab , an on-going experimental research process into embodied practice set up by Gill Clarke MBE. The workshop involved collaboration with artists Valerie Furnham, Rachel Alexander and Jon Gilhooly and lays the groundwork for the development of a larger performance project.

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