Future Machine

We asked the members of the Brighton Animator’s Network Group to imagine the future – and animate it.  The result was Future Machine, a large-scale projection event in for the 2009 White Night Festival directed by Sarah Bird, Kate Genevieve and Abbie Stanton.
Crowds of thousands saw Brighton's Unitarian Church flicker with utopias and dystopias, whilst the public experimented with LEDs and slow shutter speeds at BANG’s light animation workshop in the Pavilion Gardens.

Photographs from BANG Flickr pool

Public Invite 31 AUGUST 2009

Future Machine:
Animated imaginings of multiple futures

A BANG / White Night collaboration

During the night of Saturday 24th October animations were projected onto the Brighton Unitarian Church for 2009’s White Night festival.

The theme of the Festival was FORTUNE and the Brighton Animator’s Network Group looked to the future for inspiration.

How do you imagine what is to come? What does the future mean to you? All interpretations are welcome.

Animators were free to transform, re-imagine and make over the façade of the Unitarian Church in any style they chose – computer animation, experimental film making, motion graphics, collage, stop-motion animation, generative art- whatever method was their passion. It was a chance for animators, film-makers and artists to transform public spaces with their work and beam artistic vision onto a key building in the city.
The White Night festival is led by Brighton & Hove Arts Commission and the City Council working with partners across the city.

Do Something Different in the Middle of the Night

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