Gather // Taranaki

Kate Genevieve and David Montgomery 

SCANZ // Intercreate Residency 2013

How would our relationship with the environment alter if we felt that the land was part of our own body?

Development of this project began at SCANZ2013 between artists Kate Genevieve and David Montgomery. This work emerged out of conversations and meetings with interested members of the Maori community and artists and researchers at SCANZ 2013 on how we situate the body in the natural world.

Initially created as an “embodied animation” experience for video goggles, the film combined visuals inspired by the experimental animation techniques of Len Lye, particularly Tusalava, with natural objects found on our stay in the Taranaki region, such as flowers, seeds and skin. The film is soundtracked with recordings made in New Zealand. 

Gather in residency
Gather marks the beginning of an extended research project into different cultural understandings of time perception, the natural world and bodily experience. Exhausted by identity politics that lead to fixed binaries – western/non-western, art/science, male/female, technology/nature – our working processes seek out common ground.  We hope that this effort towards cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary dialogue might suggest directions for returning science, as Merleau-Ponty puts it,

“to the site, the soil of the sensible and opened world such as it is in our life and for our body…”
[Eye and Mind]

Animation experimentation - Kate Genevieve, David Montgomery, Emma Wakeley

Residency Enquiries -

Can creative practice open into living nature in a way that supports, rather than takes?
In a way that leads us back to rememberance and opens us deeper and deeper into a participation with the forces of life?

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