The Liminal Live Show is an Audio Visual art show for The Acid: a collaboration between Kate Genevieve, show designer Giani Fabricio and the band.

Ultima Productions on Vimeo.

We wanted to explore how a live interactive show could amplify and make more visible the responsive play and improvisation that occurs between the musicians and the audience in each unique performance. This led to a combination of experimental image-making techniques exploring living processes with bespoke audio reactive and motion tracking projection systems which allow real time responses to the band’s performance.

“Flickering fire on ancient trees, chemical processes dissolving, fermenting and combining, the dark night, a quiet moon, distant lights of far-off constellations - these images unfold in the mind when listening to these songs.”

Kate worked with a group of artists and scientists inspired by natural processes and chemical reactions. Each track was designed as a composition rather than a fixed film to create a living feel, the visuals alchemically effected by the band’s performance. The audio reactive system then introduced, modulated, and effected these video clips rather than generating them digitally via algorithms. This gives the show an analogue, low fi, filmic and human feel, and yet everything that is happening is fully guided by the music or actions of the band on stage. Giani's bespoke audio reactive system makes it possible to have particular visual elements respond sensitively to particular elements of the music. Video elements fade in and out of existence depending on when and how the musicians are playing the audio part associated with them: they are morphed and effected in various ways by the incoming signals. The visual world becomes a living organism expressing the unfolding creative interactions synaesthetically.

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