NO PLACE is a digital film experience that explores real and virtual spaces, commissioned by Brighton's White Night Festival. The first performance was installed within Modernist apartment block Embassy Court in October 2011.

NO PLACE @ Embassy Court from C H R Θ M A . S P A C E on Vimeo.

Participant's are led on a tour through through the 11-storey Modernist residential building and live performance is combined with film, animation and interactive environments encountered through video headsets. NO PLACE explores the architecture of subjective experience. Immersive visuals, multi-sensory effects and binaural soundscapes play with the participants’ sense of their own bodies within constructed environments and work together to question how we feel a place to be real. 

Development of the project engages with contemporary research into conscious presence, in collaboration with the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex.

This project was presented at Virtual Futures (University of Warwick) and Staging Illusion (University of Sussex).

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