Flickers: Off the Path had it's premier at the Brighton Festival 2010. Flickers is a hyper-real exploration of Stanmer Park from artist Rachel Henson. You set off with an expedition kit, a series of flick books, which act as navigation tools to guide your way. As you flick the pages, animated images of the real environment reveal the path ahead and you follow an animated figure through the countryside.

I worked on this project as animator / performer from 2008.  The R&D trail, installed in 2009 in a different site in Stanmer Park, used various styles of animation, from watercolour to stop-motion, and a whole spectrum of pre-cinema visual devices. For the Brighton Festival show, a flip book expedition kit was created.

Artist Rachel Henson writes:
"Flickers brings our focus to the very edge of our senses, amplifying the landscape to trigger dream-like powers of locomotion and vision."
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