Terra Incognita
Virtual Reality for multiple people with support of the Flux Lab Geneva.

FLUX Lab: Terra Incognita
from C H R Θ M A . S P A C E 

Documentation of the Terra Incognita residency: development and performance from the flux lab. 

Initial experiments during the Flux Lab for the Terra Incognita collaboration between Prof David Rudrauf and Katharine Vega.

Mystical traditions, phenomenologists and artists from all ages have developed languages to map intersubjectivity: shared experience between people. Terra Incognita is a long-term research project exploring collective experience and relationships with our environment: an interdisciplinary collaboration across art and science delving in to the potentials Virtual Reality bring to deepen our understanding of relationship across difference and Artificial Intelligence.

Katharine Vega:
"I’m interested in how AI research can remember what is sacred. The space of privacy, of uncertainty, of caring, of difference, of love. We forget what is sacred here on earth at our peril. As scientists and technologists make their breakthroughs in these unknown realms, it’s vital beyond words to remember what is sacred."

Residency Fluxus (Initial Sharings)
Terra Incognita; what lives between us

Initial conversation recorded at the start of residency at the Flux Laboratory and Campus Biotech in Geneva May 2017.


Seachange from C H R Θ M A . S P A C E on Vimeo.

Dancing together and collective experience in VR opening up to new terrains.

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