In transmission experiential moments from C H R Θ M A . S P A C E 

‘An ancient Chinese proverb says an invisible red thread connects all those destined to meet whatever the time, whatever the place and whatever the circumstances...
Can you feel its tug?’

text from Transmission

Transmission, The Spire, 2015

meetings in between 

An audience-led, cross platform, live art installation exploring empathy as a tool for supporting societal change.

A collaboration between Kate Genevieve and Rachel Blackman with sound design by Matt Robertson.

Transmission invites two strangers into a communication across a large 2-way mirror structure. Participants listen via headphones to a 10 minute instruction based narrative that draws them into a relationship via gesture, mirroring and eye contact. The relationship is not gender, age or language dependent and is never exactly the same between any two people.

We developed this project with support from the Nightingale Brighton with the aim of creating a trans-lingual, touring artwork that draws audiences into intimate and creative interactions with each other and environments that lie beyond the margins of consciousness.

Drawing on cutting-edge neuroscience research on empathy responses, an immersive sound design, responsive digital technology, an evocative animated projection and with human connection as its axis point, Transmission is designed as heightened ritual experience for the digital age.

 This participatory installation invites non dancers into uninhibited movement in public spaces as they unwittingly improvise a performance score for a larger audience who witness the reflections blur into one moving entity on the plane of the mirror and are pulled into a narrative of subtle and implied relationship.

Phoenix Gallery
The Spire

CHRΘMA & Stillpoint is the collaboration of Rachel Blackman and Kate Genevieve. We create cross platform works that employ performance, digital technologies and non-verbal vocabularies, to engage a “playing audience” in the potential of their own creative agency.

We share an interest in the intimate, charged negotiation of seeing and being seen and the shared uncertain and ambiguous space between people.

The performance has been shown in large, vaulted and minimal non theatrical spaces such as repurposed churches, warehouses and industrial spaces and galleries. We would welcome opportunity to design a tour for outdoor spaces, and are interested in reconfiguring how these spaces are imagined and inhabited in a post COVID-19 world. To bring a quality of reverence to engagement and presence itself.

This collaboration builds on the project Impulse shown at the Brighton Dome. It was scratched at the 2014 Brighton Digital Festival (BDF) with the assistance of the Grassroots Fund and further developed in residency at Cove Park Scotland with the essential support of Nightingale Arts.

The Spire, 2015

Artistic Team

Kate Genevieve and Rachel Blackman - lead artists

Matt Robertsonsound designer

Louis D’Aborville - creative technologist

Jamie Wyld - producer & consultancy on working with live art, film/ digital crossover 

Ian Winters - touring set up & interactive cross platform designer

Ana Tajadura Jimenez - science advisor on neurobiology of sound and feeling.

from the artists, Kate Genevieve & Rachel Blackman:
“We are inspired by the philosophy of eco-feminism and the possibility that in the current eco-political crisis, the personal is political and that recognising our individual agency may be key to the possibility of any structural transformation.

Transmission dismantles the dated construct that it will take a hero to save the planet (or save us) and emphasises the interconnectivity of all living systems that can be accessed through deep listening, meditation, exchange, adaptation, collaboration and creativity. It suggests that the seed of change lies in and between each one of us, in the unknowable, ever unfolding present.”

Transmission, Phoenix Gallery 2014 
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