“The night is a tunnel... a hole into tomorrow...” // Frank Herbert, Dune

CHRΘMA & Stillpoint curated a night of experimental performance, artwork, interventions, sound experiments and spoken word for the Brighton Digital Festival 2014. Held on the cusp between Summer and Autumn, TRANSMUTE celebrated uncertainty & improvisation: a playful experiment to provoke imaginative ways of moving through the dark nights ahead.

TRANSMUTE gathered artists, dancers and critical thinkers working with digital technology to explore the visceral and the sensory and to feel out the possibilities of what radical change might be.

Many thanks the excellent artists, performers and speakers -

Thor Magnusson / Stillpoint & Chroma / Joseph Young / Jon Armstrong / Danny Bright / Tassos Stevens / Jane Frances Dunlop / Valerie Furnham / Veronique Maria / Will Scobie / The Bite Back Movement / Rachel Blackman / Kate Genevieve / Josh Wodak / Semiconductor / Ian Winters / Wesley Goatley / Korina Biggs / Tracie Storey / Ayami Andrews / Natalie Kane / Rachael Linton / Michelle Jani / David Parker / Toby Harris / Owen Thomas / Louis d'Aboville / Jennifer Maksymetz / Matt Robertson / Emma Roberts / Thomas Buckley / Louis Sainsbury / Thomas McNulty / Hannah Johnson / Rose Waterson / Block Builders / Anastasios Veloudis / David Packer / Emily Burridge / David Montgomery / Simon Wibberley
Talks from James Greyson on eco-activism / Stephanie Davis Arai on digital feminism / Mick Taylor on reinventing money / Daisy Campbell on pulling the Cosmic Trigger.
& an alchemical-themed drawing workshop from Draw Brighton

Thanks to Phoenix Brighton, the Digital Festival, The New Sublime and London Road.

CHRΘMA & Stillpoint is the collaboration of Rachel Blackman and Kate Genevieve. We create cross platform works that employ performance, digital technologies and non-verbal vocabularies, to engage a “playing audience” in the potential of their own creative agency.
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