"šta ćemo raditi" // What do we do now?

The audience member is asked to stand bare foot in the town square wearing video goggles and headphones. They close and open their eyes when instructed by the audiotrack, and their head is guided to follow the gaze of the film shot from a first-person perspective. The impression of standing on the pier becomes truly immersive. When the audience member reaches out their hand towards the horizon, in time with the filmed hand they see through the goggles, the illusion collapses as they encounter not empty space but a solid stone wall. 

šta ćemo raditi
Video Vortex, Komiza Croatia

A collaboration between Kate Genevieve and Anja Sušanj with sound design by Vjeran Šalamon.

Special thanks to the children of Komiza and our guides Ivana Franičevic and Dinko Bozanic who welcomed us to explore the life and history of the island of Vis.

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